19 November 2016

Soon ❤

Ever since when I was 19 years old, I want to be there. Makkah al-Muqarramah & Madina al-Munawwarah. It's begin when I started to find Allah after lost for nearly 2 years. I'm arguing with myself, asking why He took everything so sudden? Why life is so hard yet He kept me alive. Masya Allah, so ungrateful servant I am at that time 😭. 

I went to the mosque. Try to find the serenity in my life. Crying over so many things. Feel like a corpse without any desire to live anymore. Until one day, when I fall asleep after tired of crying in the mosque, I got a dream. Dream of me, seeing the qa'ba from afar. πŸ•‹

Day by day, I want to go there, I'm curious about the dream. How serene is that place? But how can I go there? I begin to find myself. I want that serenity. I start to learn how to get to know Him from scratch.

Until after I went to the University, I begin to save some of my Yayasan scholar to go there.

And right now, He shows me the way to go there right after I graduated. (I can't wait to be there ❤)

If people ask me what I want to do after graduated, I will say that I don't know. Some of my friends wanna get married, having short holiday, working, futher studies, as for me the only thing I want to do after this is to be in Makkah, sujood in front of Ka'ba. Thank Him for everything. For give me another chance.  For not taking my life when I was 'died' years ago.

3 months to go. May He bless this journey. The one and only dream for now.🌈

I miss this place even more these days. πŸ˜”