12 June 2016

How to overcome skin breakouts?

Nak raya selalu jadi skin breakouts sebab konon-konon nak flawless macam-macam try tapi end up jadi lagi teruk. Sape camni, bertabah lah T__T

Aku, haritu sebab nak try masukkan satu serum ni dalam my online business. Ig --> @ailybeauty sebab aku sejenis manusia yang kalau nak jual something, aku kena percaya sendiri dengan benda tu. Sebabnya, aku mungkin tak keturun darah meniaga Mama, sebab aku tak berapa nak suka berniaga lagi-lagi benda yang aku tak tahu. So, aku pon cuba la satu serum ni.

Sebelum ni pernah breakout jugak sebab makan seafood terlampau banyak konon-konon biasanya takde effect pon! But yeah.... Pegi kelas pakai face mask uols! Sebab muka rashes merah-merah lepas tu bila kering dia jadi coklat, and it takes time to heal too! masa tu aku sem 3. Dah la kena buat event macam-macam. Low esteem sangat. Nasib baik masa tu haze, so konon-konon pakai mask sebab haze Luls.

Masa tu aku jumpa Moraessential. Gerak hati suruh cuba je, sebab dia natural. So aku try and it's more than better! Lepas pakai terus hilang pedih, (even kulit parut lambat nak hilang sebab Argan Oil Mora ni natural, and it's work slowly on my skin, just nice for me (or even I can say Incredibly nice? Hehe). Sebab hilang pedih) Lepas tu aku decide nak mula business. Sebab aku rasa nak share MORA.

Lepas dah ok dengan MORA, aku try la the other serum konon nak masuk dalam my new small company ni hehe. Nak jual jugak, so aku yang kena try dulu. Kalau dak, macam mana nak yakinkan orang kan? (Stop using MORA for 1 week, then apply that serum [benda ni jadi masa aku nak habis intern dalam bulan 3 tahun ni (2016)] . Lepas tu, naik jerawat kat dahi yang kalau picit tu dia keluar yg panjang-panjang warna putih tu. Supposedly tak picit, tapi aku sangat lah tak tahan dengan benda kecik-kecik kat dahi ni, lepas tu aku picit la. Laaaaaagi banyak uols! kat pipi, kat bibir, kat hidung! Ok that's skin breakouts! What to dooooo?!!

 Ni amik yang kat dahi je. Yang AFTER tu, lepas 2 minggu. Serious, taknak try jual benda lain selain MORA dah! Memang nak stick guna MORA dan jual MORA. Sebab nak share something yang memang berguna untuk rakyat sejagat =') Taknak la harm kan kulit orang kan. Nanti doa orang teraniaya makbul! Tak berjaya hidup ;p

So what I did for this past 2 weeks 

Wear face scrub. Setakat ni ada dua yang aku suka. Himalaya dengan St Ives. Since Himalaya tak boleh pakai hari-hari, aku pakai Himalaya Scrub tu 2 kali seminggu, St Ives ni setiap hari everytime nak amik wudhu. So 5 kali sehari.

Skin will turn red after that sebab aku gosok taknak bagi tempat lain naik pimples jugak. Nak bagi kering, and less opportunity for the bact to jump into another pores.

St Ives worth RM15 ++ can be found at watson.
Moraessential Argan can be found by whatsapp Miss Aily. Please visit her ig ;p
About to use the next bottle of this scrub! love it to the max! 

Memang kulit akan jadi extra kering sebab supposedly scrub memang pakai 2 kali semingu jer. Tapi kat St Ives ni tulis boleh pakai hari-hari. So yakin lah sikit, even kalau nak ikut texture, St Ives lagi kasar dari Himalaya. Himalaya face scrub macam yogurt. 

Bila dah kering, I will apply MORAessential argan oil. So kulit boleh balance and neutral the pH. Lepas tu dah happppyyyy sebab Miss Pimples dah tak naik lagi! Pakai scrub after 2 weeks tu, (now) dah 2 kali/sekali sehari je. Dan kulit jadi smooth and lebih cerah! =)

So this is my soul. 
aci tak nak tulis visit my ig? Hehe


09 June 2016

My final year Journey : Proposal submitted


This is the first week after my internship. Looking forward for my FYP. Try to make flatlay with all the journals (Usually people doing it for food! Instead, I'm trying to be rare here kofffff!) But until certain point... there are so many parts that can't be completed, so many problems, so many unbearable issues (But I bear with it finally!!) Alhamdulillah

It has been submitted, a day before the deadline. After turnitin check..and that unbearable moment feel like....relieved =D

At first, I got 0% and my lecturer said.....it can't be like this and that bla bla...(I feel like need to do it again) But after few minutes, the exact result is out. She refreshed it until 3 times! And I got 8%. Well it supposedly within 10%, at least ada la jugak. (Must be less than 30% so that it can't be claimed as plagiarism) 

Today still got final test (Still got 2 tests for Biomolelecules and Biostatistics before my final exam next 2 weeks Zzzzz), In syaa Allah, I will try my best to share how to make proposal/thesis that have least plagiarism when it been tested in turnitin okeh! Sebab my friend got 60% and at first need to alter it (Tomorrow(today) is the deadline!)  because this turnitin....it doesn't have any compromise, even one word pon nak amik kira.

08 June 2016

My UTM internship

Sometimes, I'm being pessimist not to publish post regarding my work/studies in social medias. Precise, shy. I am not so good that have something to be proud of... I'm too shy to show what kind of world I'm living, I'm juggling with my hard work, struggling after begin my life back at 0, sort of...But since my juniors keep on whatsapp-ing me about my intern, so... I think I will told them to google it by themselves. Because I got problem with my hp, my battery die so fast! Well I'm techno freak =( (I'm sorry in advance for late answer!) - This post also was made after I submitted my report & present my intern project Hihikkk

Ok make it simple, let's start!

First, How's Institute Bioprocess Dev (IBD) in UTM? My answer is.......It's fun! (Yeah at first I was bored reading so many journals) But after 1 week in Microbe lab, I fell in love with that place, I understand why I need to read journals at first. Because I can't do anything without knowledge! Things that I've learned in U is so different with all the technologies outside there. Even though I have no experience in engineering studies, suddenly I want to be an engineer there. It's possible! Because my supervisor and few research officer there were having same degree as me! Yyeyeh. That's encourage me to further my studies *wink*

Oh forgot, there are 3 labs in IBD. Cosmetic lab which smells so good like mint chewing gum sometimes smell like herbs which is located at the upper floor, in the middle, have plant/tissue culture (I'm not really sure) which is main floor also place where all the researcher officer's offices located and at the last floor (Bawah tanah uols!) is our microbe and mushroom lab which smell so bad especially when they run the bioreactor. And I was assigned in Microbe lab.

 Me with extra noooourr sebab paneh ;D
Bacteria said...FOOODDDD 

 One of my work station. Even I said it has foul smell, but don't worry because all the labs are air-conditioned areas.

What I am work for. Growing a bact!! Well exposed with so many bact actually. Yang ni non pathogenic. Yang pathogenic (Bahaya) macam E.coli, Salmonella, Candida spp. (In case my sv or any Bio lect read it need to be italic. kikiki) Pun ada. Lepas exposed dengan those patho microbe, everything include lab coat wajibunghunnah masuk dalam vanish dengan dettol hehe

Bact counting! It has teettt teett sound everytime I touch it. And I got excited....

Preparing agar/broth from 0! 

I am so lucky because during that time, I'm the only intern (other few students arrived after few weeks) So I was placed with all the Master and PHD students. This is bilik teratai (Room inside here named based on  the name of flowers) which usually used by students to write thesis, reading journal or rest. Well everyone inside here really encouraged me to further my studies! I always fall asleep here because it is so cool Zzzzz (air condition area too!!)  

Well, aaalll mine :D

'Food' for our bacterias! (Agar & Broth)

Ade surau! But I don't take picture of it. Instead I took the picthah of slippers Zzzzzz surau also air conditioned area anddd a good place to sleep too! Kikiki

Plus ada library jugak but also forgot to take picture. Because it is not included in my work to *giggling*

Also, the toilet (Siapa yang always concern pasal toilet sep sikit!) sangat wangi okeh. Cuci/sabun semua guna serai wangi that they made from their research here. Bau chewing gummm sedappp!!

Just wanna tell you, in UTM there's pasar every tuesday. Ada macam macam makanan dari Utara,Pantai Timoq, Selatan like this from Kedah woott woott (I don't remember the name ;p) ada sushi, nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, memacam la yang menggoda jiwa dan raga hahaha

Well because of that I gained lots of kgs during intern. (refer first picture, my pou cheeks LOL)

Overall everything makes me excited during my intern. The work place, the peoples, everyone is kind and so humble Y know! Even though they have master/prof/phd! Inspired me some more!!

Well this is my intern poster in case you wanna some ideas. I am techno freak remember? So I don't know how to use publisher Zzzzz berejam aku godeh tapi hasil takdakk. So I made this online at 3 am =')
This is the link, it's easy to use! Sebab dah ada siap boleh pilih size kita nak, allign, template, we can upload our own background, insert pictures, editing tools anddd most important tak pecah/mengecik bila print like some of my friends that make it using publisher. Absolutely much easier than Photoshop or gif. Because I don't know how to use neither both of the software . When I said it is easy peasyyy I really mean it ;")
[Canva link]


04 June 2016

My XXS journey

DON'T when you want to lose your weight // JANGAN bila u nak buang lelemaks

Basically, this what I did for this past 4-5 years in order to lose my weight from 65-67kgs to 50-52kgs (Berat lepas makan dan sebelum makan. Nipu tak makan naik 2 kgs? Haa la aku kalau dah telan makanan selalu lupa diri Hhehek) . Aku dulu seorang yang overweight, lelagi bila ada orang bagi kasih sayang lelebih hantar makan pukul 9 malam (My foster father. Jangan dok fikir bebenda lain ek, hehe) . Tapi aku bernasib baik sebab tersedar awal, sebab kengkawan & mak sendiri dok komplain kenape aku suka tido. Sesikit tido, dah la lepas makan! Rasa macam nikmat tido tu tak dapat dibendung lagi lah. Nikmat rasa macam sampai ke syurga. Gitu sangat uols ;p

Agak slow sebab sampai 4-5 tahun nak turunkan berat kan =) tapi, orang kate biar lambat asal selamat! Lambat turun, means lambat jugak nak naik. Sebab metabolism kita dah sebati dengan food intake dan gaya hidup kita. Sekarang, makan sikit pun rasa senang kenyang dan tak la selalu sangat nak craving junk food. Kalau tidak memangggg la sesikit selak almari nak cari coklat/biskut oreo hmmmpphhh

Well Iols memang peminat tegar first lady, sebab takyah iron, baju cuci 88 kali pun direct pakai jek. Haruslah jimat waktu dan tenaga ye. Tenaga boleh pakai buat perah otak =)

Aku adalah seorang pemakan. Makan lelagi kalau sensorang memang lupa nak berhenti. Cuma kalau dah sibuk je selalu lupa nak makan Hihi. Lagi satu, sorry aku bukan penggemar diet atkin/diet ikut darah. Sebab mungkin tak sesuai dengan jadual aku yang padat, untuk makan makanan yang tak cukup zat macam tuww. Aku perlukan karbo. Kalau takde karbo walaupun sehari akan rasa macam nak pengsan dan level stress akan sampai full tank! So nak taknak I need karbo-load in my diet hihi. Kalau karbo biasanya aku amik Soon/Makaroni. Nasi dalam seminggu sekali (Like cheat day) or sebulan sekali - Sebab kengkonon nak jadi omputih, tak berapa suka makan nasi. Hihi So, the way I control my health lifestyle liddis >>>

1. Instant

Dulu aku pernah la nak turunkan berat. Tapi pelik naw kenapa tak turun-turun jenuh dok diet tak makan bebenda berlemak. Tapi nescafe 3in1 sampai 3 paket sehari. Memanglah! Well try stop amik makanan instant. Maggi, Minuman 3in1, McD, KFC dan sewaktu dengannya. Sebab? Simple. Badan kita memang dilatih dan diciptakan untuk digest bebenda yang raw. Raw food. Jadi, makanan yang bukan raw ni, badan kita akan lambat sikit bertindak. Jadi, berhenti lah amik makanan instant. Tak percaya? Buat selama seminggu. Now, I've stop taking 3in1 coffee =) dan semestinya bukan secara direct. Take it slow. Memula aku kurangkan sehari 2 kali nesc. Lepas tu seminggu 2 kali and so on. Macam tu jugak dengan maggi/KFC. Dalam 2 minggu sekali pun dah okay sebab nak lepas gian kan. Tak boleh mengejut eh, nanti badan akan shock dia shut down terus. Hihi. 

2. Makan malam

Makan malam biasanya sebelum 9 malam. Dalam pukul 7-8 tu dah boleh start makan. Tapi biasanya aku akan makan lunch banyaaak, malam makan macam tea time je. No heavy food. Biasanya lunch pun dalam pukul 1-2. Paling tak pun tea time. Biasanya kalau weekdays tak sempat lastly aku akan makan dalam pukul 7 jugak. Sehari sekali makan berat. (Kalau tak tahan jangan tiru, takut pengsan huhu) sebab aku dah agak terbiasa, kengkadang even dah masak pun terpaksa tinggal 'Heat' sebab biasa weekdays ada lab. Jadi agak rushing. Selalunya weekdays, puasa je sebab tahu tak sempat nak makan. Hihi Hari pack sedunia selalu hari selasa dan khamis la. Well, life as a student, kena pepandai la ;p Memula letih, tapi badan dah terbiasa ok je lelama. Tapi memang akan ada satu waktu dari sepanjang hari, yang kena makan berat macam makaroni goreng/Soon or mee suah soup. (Ni menu harian la. Sup sebab senang, campak-campak je dah jadi. Hihi) 

Plus, aku suka chillies & rempah ratus sebab bila makan akan berpeluh sekali =) makan cili kena minum air banyak ye. Sebab aku kengkadang lupa minum air, pernah dehydrated sampai bleeding time buang air. Sebab rectum luka. Nasib baikkk sebab ingatkan buasir. Nevessss je jumpa dr. Sekali rupanya dehydrated.

3.Breakfast like a queen ;')

Time breakfast la besssttt sebab boleh makan apa je! Hehehe sebab kehidupan harian aku agak pack, jadi masa breakfast boleh makan biskut/cereal/air choc bebanyakk hihi. Since I've stop drink nescafe, I change it with Dutch Lady Choc. Errrr terpikat sebab dia ada DHA. Haahahaa kanak-kanak sangatttt


Sejak study ni kengkonon nak kuatkan ingatan, telan la memacam sayur. Biasanya tomato/broccoli/carrot/cendawan/Kobis la sebab tahan lama nak simpan pun. Kalau tomato/broccoli biasa masuk paling last sekali sebab nak pastikan masih raw dan nutrient tak layu. Selayu makanan ku hoho! Nak masih rasa rangup dan fresh!

5.Plain water

Air masak memanggg kena banyak. Sebab dah kurangkan food intake, sugar intake, air manis semua, jadi takut dehydrated kena minum air bebanyak. Biasanya ikut sunnah la, yang minum pagi sebelum subuh, sebelum tidur, dan 8 gelas sehari tu. Sebab yang both bangun pagi/sebelum tidur tu nak treat sistem badan. Macam kereta....kena ada pelincir kan? Haa macam tu la.
6. Green tea

Well bagi yang memula minum memang rasa pahit. Tapi lelama minum, lidah akan terbiasa. Ok jeee kengkadang aku telan 1L green tea je hihi. Sebab rasa fresh lepas tu. Pluss cafein yang ada dalam green tea boleh trigger untuk kuatkan ingatan. As a biologist that alwayysss need her brain to be functioned well, I need to consider everything that can 'protect' my memory (Even kengkadang tarikh pon lupa, janji memori nota-nota tu tak lupew heheek)
7. Walk

Haaa disebabkan aku ni kalau nak jogging waktu weekend atau nak beriadah pepetang memang dah tak larattt jadi, aku akan banyakkan jalan. Biasanya kalau waktu solat, orang solat kat surau, aku gigih nak balik bilik sebab nak jalan. Jalan lelaju, sebab time tu je la nak exercise pun. Kalau waktu weekend memang tak larat dahh nak rehat je. Dok bertapa dalam bilik siapkan esaimenn yang berlambakk
Ok done! yes mungkin lifestyle aku tak la berapa nak sihat, aku alter sesikit based on waktu senggang yang ada. Yang baik tu kalau nak ikut, ikutlah. Kalau yang tak sihat sangat macam makan dah lewat petang tu, jangan la hehe. Aku kalau bz sikit memang selalu lupa diri. Sesedar dah migraine, sesedar dah dehydrated. But the main topic is based on what I've read in lots of review. Cuma cara je aku alter ikut jadual kehidupan aku sendiri. Kena pepandai la ehh 

Lusa dah puasa pun...Selamat menyambut ramadhan Al-mubarak! Dan 2 minggu kedepan sebelum final, pon masih busy. Wish me luck! xoxo