21 November 2016

Of Final Year Project & you

Assalamualaikum ❤

Well, my final year project was finished and currently focus for thesis & viva preparation (Focus eh? 🙈 Hopefully.)

Ok. Final year & final semester is the most scariest part in Bachelor degree. (Takut tak? 😎) you need to focus on studies but yeah doing the fyp as well. As for me, I tarik lot of subjects when the final year begin. I took 8 papers! All killer papers. Exceed credit hour lagi 😖 So final sem I only take 5 papers with 2 killer papers, when my clans need to go to next class, I'm going back home to clean my room 😎

How I begin my fyp? I advice you to start it earlier than your friends. Kenapa? Because you can pick the best lab equipment, semua la boleh the best! Sebab orang tak ramai. Anddd you can prepare for any consequences if anything happen. Kalau project tak jadi ke, boleh repeat etc. As my lecturer said, do things that people don't do. Dare to be different from others!

For my fyp, I really can't repeat it for so many times. Sebab it costs lots of money! My project, per 5 ampule kecik je RM100+ and I have 3 samples with 3 replicate! So I need to do it at my best. 😅

At first, I wish that there will be no contamination in my projects and Alhamdulillah for 200 plate streaking & diluting, no contam.

Sebelum mula project tu memang doa bebanyakkk everytime begin the experiment baca memacam doa so that Allah s.w.t ease my work 🤓 you can't predict ok what will happen.

Tipu la everything went well as I wish! Kena la ada dugaan sikit kan baru thrill. So dugaan I, agar habis & I need to really manage it well. Guna cukup-cukup je. Sampai sekali tu memang tak cukup. Idk what to do sampai memang tak mampu dah nak senyum 🙁 tapi entah dari mana, kekuatan, few days pastu I mintak pada Allah s.w.t sebab memang jalan dah buntu taktau nak buat mcm mana sebab agar costs about RM700++! Mana nak cari duit 💸

I pray, minta pada Allah s.w.t tunjukkan jalan, pastu tunggu Allah nak bagi jalan yang mana. Redha. Masa tu project terbengkalai. Few days after, I try to ask the lab assistant  (before this dah tanya but he said takde 😂) tapi try lagi sekali tetiba budget untuk barang lab yang takde before this tetiba ada, and I got new agar! Yang dalam seal lagi tak bukak!  How happyyy I am sampai terlompat. 💃

Conclusion kat sini, when you want to begin anything in your life, tell Allah s.w.t ask Him to make it easy, thank Him as well. 😘