11 July 2016


Nah! Right now, I'm searching for affordable and reasonable price for Umrah. I got tajaan Umrah which Alhamdulillah worth with half price from the actual price. But I don't have mahram =( since I apply for February and it's not a school holiday! so my uncles can't accompany me.

When I tell the Ustaz, he told me to

 "Kawin cepat!"

 and when I said

"Takde calon" 

 he said,

 "Ustaz ada kalau nak"

As simple as that? Get married just because I need mahram for my Umrah? Dramatic enough? I think my life is full of dramas. Hm still searching for mahram that willing to do Umrah with me. I wish not until I need to get married, at least this fast! or He willingly let me to achieve my dreams. Last call this August and the sit is limited! May Allah guide me toward HIS path. May Allah ease.

My pickup line be like.....
"Will you be my mahram and accompany me this February?"

Soulmate, please don't wandering too long because I need you.