12 July 2016


I read somewhere, said that not to disclose your plan to the others. But, for this....I need to post it here so that I can count the moments. The moment I begin to make my own dream to be reality. (I just post it here! not in other social media ; fb/ig since I don't know who is the one always spend your time to read this blog. As far I know..I didn't tell my family members about this blog. So, I think it is okay for me to keep the memories? Hehe)

It is not easy from the first time I make some decision & work hard for it. From just a dream, make me eager to catch the dream, and the long journey I need to face, may be the best moments happened in my life. Why I really want to go there? Masya Allah, I really don't know. Yeah, there are so many things that I don't understand (for now) happened in my life. So many things to be questioned that might be make me want to try get to know HIM and eventually I fell in love with HIM. I might be far from a good servant for HIM, but Alhamdulillah, HIS blessings always make me feel like I need to be better everyday. Every hardship make me depend on HIM a lot. So, this might be one way for me to thank HIM, May Allah ease and bless my effort from the beginning until I end this journey.

such a long time I didn't mention about being there. Focusing my final year (In syaa Allah begin my final semester soon!) still busy for another 4 months, May Allah ease =)