29 July 2016

Such a long friday

Yesterday I went to Seremban to register for my Umrah and pay for the fees. Alhamdulillah I got mahram and no need to get married!! (See how excited I am?! wakaka) I got migraine since wednesday, but gagahkan jugak drive JB-Seremban.

Lepas tu gigih jugak beraya makan memacam. Idk whether my stomach or my body, they can't accept what I ate yesterday. Maybe sebab dah lama tak makan banyak, malam nak drive semula tu, segala macam makanan dari pagi ke petang tu semua keluaq. And I end up melepek tidoq sepanjang jalan. 

I met tok Uncle yesterday, and he's asking me to think again about pursuing my Master since nowadays the employer tend to choose low qualification worker due to reduce the fees for their company. and the master/phd usually is for naik pangkat je. Except if I want to work in academic lane. But as for me....I can't teach. I really can't because at the end I even can't understand my own theory LOL. Hm I've stop planning since years. Since I can't get into medicine lane because of my family problem. Plus at that time no one can take care of mama and adik-adik except me. Only Allah know how I can't stop crying & How I hope Apak is there with me dan buat aku sakit 2 kali ganda sebab apak broke his promises to take care of us & to always stay with me. Since that, I've stop doing my annual planning. I just follow and put my 100%  trust with Allah's plan. I feel more happy with that and I realized that life is what I do for the hereafter. How afraid I am to take another step, I just need to trust HIM. As long as my heart is with HIM, I am safe.