23 December 2016

What if

What if someone like you, but you don't have any feeling left?
What if sometimes you kinda pissed of because of the jokes/gossips?
What if someone try to protect you, but all you want is being independent?

Yes. People might say that being that kind of lady is ungrateful.

But little that you know, how my heart bleeds, how my past teach me to stop depend on anyone but Allah s.w.t, how my heart turn into pieces everytime I begin to trust again.

Except for Allah s.w.t discretion.

The door to my heart has closed. I can't even tell what kind of guy that I want when my friends ask me my guy type. I can't even tell the time I will open it back.

For now, what I feel is, I want to go far from here. Very far that my memories can't find me. I want to walk around the world and create new memories & experiences. And for that, only Allah s.w.t can show me the way.

May Allah ease.