09 December 2016

Memories diminished

All this while, I'm asking Allah s.w.t about forgetting my past. So that I can forget how hard it is struggling with an ache heart. I want to forget people whom hurts me so that I can feel free & happy. I want to be free from my old life, from anger & revenge. I want to create the new me and amazingly, I think Allah s.w.t accept the do'as.

Couple weeks ago, there are so many fb posts about "do you remember your form 5 friends/next to you/etc.." and I try to remember. I can't even recall the moments. I can't remember their faces. I can't even remember their name. Mungkin yang rapat tu, yes. Masih kenal. But amazingly, I can't even remember my classmates. (Which means there will be no high school class gathering  for me๐Ÿ’)

And I don't even want to dig the past. Let it fly, far away from me. Because I want to be new. For every last day I can count.