25 March 2016

It's final year!

Assalamualaikum :)

It's final year already, and Alhamdulillah now busy for my final year project & another 7 subjects filled in my schedule. Toodles! 8 subject uols this sem. Credit hours pun sampai 25. And everything is new for me. Biomolecule, Biostatistics, P. Physio, and few business subjects. All for my FYP thesis. I feel like, In syaa Allah, In syaa Allah, In syaa Allah I can do it. Istighfar bebanyak bila tengok subject yang amik sem ni. Huhuhu (well, as an average student, I depend on Allah a lot to help me with His kindness)

Right before my internship finished, Kak Linda told me, "once you graduated, call me we can discuss about your Master project under UTM."

Buat Master under UTM plus jadi research assistant is quite interesting. Kira macam kerja sambil belajar. Kau buat project UTM tapi kau buat master. Duit dapat, certificate Master pun dapat. Tak la banyak macam full time kerja. Tapi, rasanya Alhamdulillah kut, knowledge kan uncounted blessings.

You know, my journey for this past 6 years is so long. Since we lost our home, upside down in my family, I need to let go my medic course ( Ni part paling frust menonggeng sekali sebab dah amik entrance exam + interview dah pass tinggal nak pergi je sobs ) ,  My UMK life for one year, and now as a Biology student, struggling so hard to graduate on time. And soon, In syaa Allah next year will do my Master. Kadang-kadang penat jugak sebab dalam 6 ke 7 tahun terdekat ni, banyak ajar aku untuk jadi dewasa. Untuk hidup, untuk tak terlalu berharap pada hidup, tapi percaya yang hidup tu pemberian. Allah beri kita ambil, Allah ambil, kita kena tahu yang dia nak kita selalu yakin dengan DIA. Nak kita bersujud balik dengan DIA sang pemberi.

So, for this final year,

May Allah ease. Another 10 months to go.