07 February 2016

How's my internship


How's my intern? I am doin' my intern at Institute of Bioprosesing development UTM. First time calling myself an engineer researcher, make my self confidence fly up high! (As I have low confidence since my parents got divorced Huhu)

Alhamdulillah, Allah bring me here at last minute time. I still don't get my intern place until my last week of final exam. Lepas tu gelababah sensorang sebab orang lain semua dah dapat zobz (I got at HUKM and UPM but it's too far! So I re-apply again at UTM so that I can go back to my hometown ehehe)

But theeen, my hardwork, my upside down life for past few years, have been paid by Allah, I got place not only for my intern, but also my Final Year Project, and my master Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, and In syaa Allah might be my place to work too. Allahu, He knows best Allahu I feel so small when He gives me so much happiness, out of everything had happened.

There are so many inspired person here. Been talked with my supervisors (I have Kak Ina and Kak Linda worked under Prof Sham, they are so humble Masya Allah) about this, and it seems, Allah have so many reasons to bring me here, to put me far from my dreams, to work at hosp.

Here, I am doing some microbial engineering stuffs that make me feel so excited to explore the unseen world. Doing so many things that make me forgot how I face my old life. Encourage me doing more and more so that I can see the happiness in me.

Allah is the best planner.
Thank you, Allah.
Thank you.

My tips : Put Allah First in what you do. In everything you want to do, may He is the reason you want to do those things. Please Him, and put trust on Him. For every path it takes that will bring us toward Him. May Allah bless