20 April 2017

My Umrah experience πŸ•‹


I just came back from Saudi 10th Apr. Even after 10 days, my heart still miss mekah so much! (We went to mekah then baru pergi madinah) even when we're at Madinah, when I watch live tv Masjidil Haram rasa nak nangis sebab rindu

This thing I don't tell anyone, but I really want to write it somewhere before I begin my #JourneytoTanahHaram story.

After my Umrah, Masha Allah I don't care anymore to have big house, nice clothes, big car. I just want to get married and live in Mekah or Madinah. I just want to live in Tanah Haram.

So dear husband, I wish if one day you read this, and you feel like wanna marry me, for me right now, I only want simple majlis (kalau ikut hati doa selamat & tahlil just like one of my lecturer 😂) and bring me to Mekah with you.

Sebab even after 10 days, I still miss mekah and I don't know how to hold this rindu any longer. Rindu yg sangat sangat. And I really wish this rindu will remain in my heart. (Or should I tell I left my heart in Mekah already 😣)

Because this feeling just make me want to be closer to Allah s.w.t and make me want to learn more about Islam, Qur'an and Arabic language.

Yeah before this aku disogok dengan logical, sciences, and living things. I rarely want to really understand what my religion really meant. Until 10 days ago. When I learnt, Islam is more than what I ever think before.

More than how we compete with each other to please the dunya & reality. More than how we want to be richer than we were before. More than how well our life is. It's more than everything in dunya.

Rahmat Allah swt is more than anything and it can't be counted.

Hm. That's how it changed my thoughts about life. I wish ada pintu suka hati doraemon right now, I want to stay in Masjidil Haram and go to raudhah everyday. Because I finally met the real peace that I've been searched for years.

What make me even more firm with my decision (hamboi ayat kemain 😂) sebab I can go out at night without feel tired/sick/anything following me going back home.

Sebab kalau ada yg dah baca my old life, aku pernah disihir sampai tahap pernah fikir just take my body. Sebab sampai kawan angkat, baca yasin depan pintu like that day is my last day. And after that I need to control my "night outing" or else esoknya I will sick or worst than that orang nampak aku keluar berdua (means there's something following me).

Ok enough about that, but in Mekah I just feel different. Energy sentiasa ada. Balik Masjid lewat pun tak rasa apa. Banyaaak miracle that I found that make me feel, this is home for me. I feel safe here. I want to live here. I want to build my sakinah mawaddah warrahmah family here.

May Allah grant my prayer Amiin ❤