08 June 2016

My UTM internship

Sometimes, I'm being pessimist not to publish post regarding my work/studies in social medias. Precise, shy. I am not so good that have something to be proud of... I'm too shy to show what kind of world I'm living, I'm juggling with my hard work, struggling after begin my life back at 0, sort of...But since my juniors keep on whatsapp-ing me about my intern, so... I think I will told them to google it by themselves. Because I got problem with my hp, my battery die so fast! Well I'm techno freak =( (I'm sorry in advance for late answer!) - This post also was made after I submitted my report & present my intern project Hihikkk

Ok make it simple, let's start!

First, How's Institute Bioprocess Dev (IBD) in UTM? My answer is.......It's fun! (Yeah at first I was bored reading so many journals) But after 1 week in Microbe lab, I fell in love with that place, I understand why I need to read journals at first. Because I can't do anything without knowledge! Things that I've learned in U is so different with all the technologies outside there. Even though I have no experience in engineering studies, suddenly I want to be an engineer there. It's possible! Because my supervisor and few research officer there were having same degree as me! Yyeyeh. That's encourage me to further my studies *wink*

Oh forgot, there are 3 labs in IBD. Cosmetic lab which smells so good like mint chewing gum sometimes smell like herbs which is located at the upper floor, in the middle, have plant/tissue culture (I'm not really sure) which is main floor also place where all the researcher officer's offices located and at the last floor (Bawah tanah uols!) is our microbe and mushroom lab which smell so bad especially when they run the bioreactor. And I was assigned in Microbe lab.

 Me with extra noooourr sebab paneh ;D
Bacteria said...FOOODDDD 

 One of my work station. Even I said it has foul smell, but don't worry because all the labs are air-conditioned areas.

What I am work for. Growing a bact!! Well exposed with so many bact actually. Yang ni non pathogenic. Yang pathogenic (Bahaya) macam E.coli, Salmonella, Candida spp. (In case my sv or any Bio lect read it need to be italic. kikiki) Pun ada. Lepas exposed dengan those patho microbe, everything include lab coat wajibunghunnah masuk dalam vanish dengan dettol hehe

Bact counting! It has teettt teett sound everytime I touch it. And I got excited....

Preparing agar/broth from 0! 

I am so lucky because during that time, I'm the only intern (other few students arrived after few weeks) So I was placed with all the Master and PHD students. This is bilik teratai (Room inside here named based on  the name of flowers) which usually used by students to write thesis, reading journal or rest. Well everyone inside here really encouraged me to further my studies! I always fall asleep here because it is so cool Zzzzz (air condition area too!!)  

Well, aaalll mine :D

'Food' for our bacterias! (Agar & Broth)

Ade surau! But I don't take picture of it. Instead I took the picthah of slippers Zzzzzz surau also air conditioned area anddd a good place to sleep too! Kikiki

Plus ada library jugak but also forgot to take picture. Because it is not included in my work to *giggling*

Also, the toilet (Siapa yang always concern pasal toilet sep sikit!) sangat wangi okeh. Cuci/sabun semua guna serai wangi that they made from their research here. Bau chewing gummm sedappp!!

Just wanna tell you, in UTM there's pasar every tuesday. Ada macam macam makanan dari Utara,Pantai Timoq, Selatan like this from Kedah woott woott (I don't remember the name ;p) ada sushi, nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, memacam la yang menggoda jiwa dan raga hahaha

Well because of that I gained lots of kgs during intern. (refer first picture, my pou cheeks LOL)

Overall everything makes me excited during my intern. The work place, the peoples, everyone is kind and so humble Y know! Even though they have master/prof/phd! Inspired me some more!!

Well this is my intern poster in case you wanna some ideas. I am techno freak remember? So I don't know how to use publisher Zzzzz berejam aku godeh tapi hasil takdakk. So I made this online at 3 am =')
This is the link, it's easy to use! Sebab dah ada siap boleh pilih size kita nak, allign, template, we can upload our own background, insert pictures, editing tools anddd most important tak pecah/mengecik bila print like some of my friends that make it using publisher. Absolutely much easier than Photoshop or gif. Because I don't know how to use neither both of the software . When I said it is easy peasyyy I really mean it ;")
[Canva link]