09 June 2016

My final year Journey : Proposal submitted


This is the first week after my internship. Looking forward for my FYP. Try to make flatlay with all the journals (Usually people doing it for food! Instead, I'm trying to be rare here kofffff!) But until certain point... there are so many parts that can't be completed, so many problems, so many unbearable issues (But I bear with it finally!!) Alhamdulillah

It has been submitted, a day before the deadline. After turnitin check..and that unbearable moment feel like....relieved =D

At first, I got 0% and my lecturer said.....it can't be like this and that bla bla...(I feel like need to do it again) But after few minutes, the exact result is out. She refreshed it until 3 times! And I got 8%. Well it supposedly within 10%, at least ada la jugak. (Must be less than 30% so that it can't be claimed as plagiarism) 

Today still got final test (Still got 2 tests for Biomolelecules and Biostatistics before my final exam next 2 weeks Zzzzz), In syaa Allah, I will try my best to share how to make proposal/thesis that have least plagiarism when it been tested in turnitin okeh! Sebab my friend got 60% and at first need to alter it (Tomorrow(today) is the deadline!)  because this turnitin....it doesn't have any compromise, even one word pon nak amik kira.