15 May 2016

My Final Year Diary : FYP defend proposal

 For someone that is not so creative and always fail in editing, I feel proud of myself! Because I like my proposal presentation slide so much! So many cute things, thanks Yakult for made my day :)

I'm doing this project, despite of some research I'd done during my intern regarding probiotic yeast, I realize that some of people afraid to consume this probiotic (Like yakult or vitagen or other yogurt) because of they think, they consume the bacteria. Just like #antivaccine peoples that think they are induce the virus into their body.Lol people nowadays selalu terpengaruh dengan anasir luar. Wuhuhuhu

But I'm not doing research about the goodness, I'm doing research for preservation, so that we (our industry) can use this research to manufacture many kind of probiotic based food/drink.

Mungkin lepas ni ada jajan probiotic? Tu kena cakap dengan student food tech okeh! Heheheheehe